Zipper Pouch Doypack Pouch / Bags Packaging Machine

Zipper Pouch Doypack Pouch / Bags Packaging Machine

short description:

Fully automatic Doypack Pouch / Bag Filling Machines to pack pre-made pouches. Powder, granulate, chunky products, pastes, and liquids to be filled and sealed.

Product Detail

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Max Speed:50 bpm
Bag Size:

Min:90 mm W x 120 mm L
Max:235 mm W x 320 mm L

Support bag width from 80 mm up to 240 mm to work with automatic pick up bags, coding batch code, opening bag, material filling, bag sealing and output.


Option: Nitrogen Flush, Vacuum, Multi-Filling, Spout Pouch (Conner or Center), Zip Pouch



Contract Packaging,Non-Food Products,Food & Beverage,Candy,Cereal, Nuts & Snacks,Cheese,Coffee,Fresh Fruit & Vegetables,Individual Quick Frozen (IQF),Liquids,Meat, Poultry & Fish,Natural & Organic Foods,Pasta, Beans & Rice,Pet Food & Treats,Powders,Pills & Capsules,Medical Devices & Supplies,Cannabis  Zipper Pouch Doypack Pouch / Bags Packaging Machine.



  • 8 stations, single bag
  • PLC control with touch screen operation
  • Servo-driven Allen Bradley control platform
  • Highly durable welded steel frame
  • Production parameter memory including gripper size, machine speed, sealing temperature, and filling volume
  • Pouch presence detection – no filling, no sealing
  • Bag deflation with wire guide or push bars
  • Automatic deoxidizer feeding station
  • Two step sealing process guarantees clean sealing
  • Cooling station for liquid products



  • NEW STANDCAP pouch configuration
  • Proprietary Viking robotic pick & place bag infeed system
  • Product filling – can be integrated with multi-head scales, volumetric fillers and auger fillers
  • Fully interlocked safety guards
  • Presealing station for liquid or paste
  • Zipper opening device
  • Clean-in-place design
  • Long raised rotary shaft extender for longer bags
  • Extended bag magazine
  • Date coding: emboss, hot stamp, inkjet or thermal transfer
  • Quality control: checkweigher, metal detector, X-ray inspection
  • Dust suction nozzles and dust collector
  • Product settler
  • Bag supporter for heavy fills
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Washdown structure (IP65 or IP66)
  • Steam or gas flush
  • Rotary running clockwise model
  • Bag rejection system
  • Stand-up discharge


Technical Parameter

Pouch Type:

Zipper Pouch,Spout Pouch,Pillow Bag, 3 Side Bag, 4 Side Bag, Flat Bag

Working Station:

8 Working-Station

Filling Range:


Pouch Width:


Pouch Length:



Up to 50 Bags/Min(Depends on products’ natures and filling weight)

Dosing System:

Multi-head Scale, Auger Filler, Piston Filler, Volumetric Cup

Power Supply:

Per customer specification

Power Consumption:

Max. 3.5KW

Compressed Air:

400 L/Min. Zip Function 580 L/Min.

Machine Dimension:

2000x1200x1400mm (78.7’x47.2’x55.1′)

Machine Weight:


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