GVF‐540Q & GVF‐730Q Stabilo Bagger

GVF‐540Q & GVF‐730Q Stabilo Bagger

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Up to 30 bags/min.  |  Bag width: 7.5″ max.  |  Bag length: 13.5″ max.

Suitable for measuring and packing anomalous lumpish and granule materials, such as candy, popped food, biscuit, coffee,roasted seeds and nuts, granulated sugar, deep-frozen food, milk powder, milk tea, amylum, sauce and so on.

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 Quad Seal Bag, Gusseted bag

Film Width: up to 540mm

Bag Length (Single Pull): 50 to 340mm (1.9 to 13.4in)

Bag Width: 80 to 200mm (3.1 to 7.9in)

Speed: up to 50 bag per min (up to dosing system co‐working & film material)

Dosing System: full synchronization for multi heads combination weigher, liner weigher, auger filler, piston filler etc



With different dosing system for application: various granules, powder and liquid products, such as peanuts, candies, cookies, potato chips, rice, sugar, beans, dried fruit, pet food, ground coffee, milk, detergent powder, shampoo, ketchup, spices etc.



Full configuration for heat‐sealable materials (PE/BOPP, CPP/BOPP, CPP/PET, PE/NYLON)

Full synchronization for varies dosing system to reach Forming, Filling & Sealing quickly, accurately, and reliably.

Quick release, side‐loading film reel air operated mandrel

Film reel out warning

Action sequence adjustable, provide perfect sealing to film, and save each second, increase working speed.

Vacuum pump & Servo‐driven film feeding system with pneumatic film pulling wheel locking system

Independent temperature adjustment.

Simple and fast bag size changeover with one‐piece forming sets.

Omron PLC & 5.7” Omron Colorful Touch‐Screen with simple menu‐based interface. Program storage and retrieval function.

Panasonic Servo driven horizontal (cross) sealing system.

Safety guard to stop machine in any door opened

All product contact parts are made of food grade stainless steel S/S304.

Film auto tracking; Length registered by OMRON photo sensor and OMRON Encoder;

Independent platen control, easy position adjust

Quad seal bag, pillow bag, gusseted bag in one machine

Optional Features:

304# Stainless Steel Configuration

Gusset Device

Perforation Device

Nitrogen Gas‐Flushing

Deflation Device

Static Eliminator

Thermal Transfer Printers / Labeler


Additional Info


GVF‐540Q GVF‐730Q
Bag type Quad seal bag, gusseted bag
Operation Mode Intermittent
Speed Up to 50 bags/min
Quad Seal Bag Length 50 to 340mm (2.0 to 13.4in) 100 to 420mm (4 to 16.5 in)
Width 80 to 200mm (3.1 to 7.9in) 100 to 240 mm (4 to 9.4 in)
Depth 50 to 100mm (2.0 to 3.9in) 50 to 120 mm (2 to 4.7 in)
Reel Film Width: Width and depth combinations are limited by the overall 540mm (21.3in) Width and depth combinations are limited by the overall 730mm (28.7in)
Edge Seal Width 5‐10mm (0.2‐0.39in) 5‐10mm (0.2‐0.39in)
Film Thickness 0.04‐0.12mm (40‐120mic.) 0.04‐0.12mm (40‐120mic.)
Reel Outer Dia 400mm (15.8in) 500mm (19.7in)
Reel Inner Dia 75mm (2.9in) 75mm (2.9in)
Voltage 220V/50Hz, 1phase or per customer specification
Power Consumption 3KW 4KW
Compressed Air Requirement 0.6 MPa 0.36 M3/min 0.6 MPa 0.36 M3/min
Machine Dimension: L1650 X W1300 X H1650 mm; (in):L65.1 X W51.2 X H70.9 L1850 x W1300 x H2300 mm;

(in): L73 x W51.2 x H90.5

Shipping Dimension: L1850 X W1400 X H2000 mm; (in):L72.8 X W55.2 X H78.8
Machine Weight 1000kgs 1200kgs



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