10-50kg Pet Food Big Bag Packing Machine

10-50kg Pet Food Big Bag Packing Machine

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Highly Accurate. Up To 20 Bags/Min. Manual and Automated. Bag Filling Solutions. Agricultural, Food and Industrial Applications.

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GW-550 Automatic Pet Food Big Bag Packing Machine unit is specially suitable for Granular material, the packaging material is paper bag, PE bag, woven bag, the packing range is 10-25kg, the maximum speed can reach 3-8bags/min. High efficiency, advanced design suitable for various requirements

Rice, Wheat, Pulses, Granules, Powder, Chemicals etc.

fully automatic packing machine for open-mouth bags with high degree. It can be used for packaging of bags with various materials, particularly for woven bags with plastic coating. The packaging lines have been well received in Thailand SIAM Company, one of the largest rice processing factories in the world. The packaging line is composed if automatic weighing packaging machine, automatic packaging machine, mesh-belt conveyor, bag feeding machine, reversing bag flattener and control system, etc.
A whole set of processing procedures including materials transmission, weighing, filling, packaging, bag flattening, sealing , sewing and conveying can be finished by the machines. Our machines can be made to order and designed according to customer’s requirement.



allows it to reach up to 20 BPM

Rapid and reliable

Low maintenance

Requires little floor space

Optimum reliability

Quick and easy to install and start up

Reduces the number of injuries among workforce

Compatible with every closing system

Main Components:
1. Automatic quantity-fixed balance
2.Automatic bag-supply section
3. Optional section such as air compressor
4.Automatic bag-clamped section
5. Automatic belt conveyor
6.Automatic sewing / sealing machine
7. Automatic bag-backwards section
8.Electrical instrument control cabinet

1. Picking bag, feeding bag, filling material, weighing in , sewing / sealing bag, bag-backwards and bag transmission are finished completely automatically.
2. Adopting PLC to guarantee the reliability of control
3. Adopting high-precision transducer and intelligent instrument to guarantee the accuracy and speed of weight
4. Adopting touch screen with trouble display and help system for easy operation.
5. Adopting imported pneumatic components features compact structure, reliable performance and convenient maintenance.
6. The sewing / sealing machine is an imported machine.

Technical Data

Packaging Object granular material
Material 1- paper bag
2- woven bag(lined with PP/PE film)
3- plastic bag(film thickness ≥0.2mm
Dimension (700-850)*(400-500) (L*W)
Weight granular material 10- 25kg
Seal Type Woven bag lura folding/seaming
Kraft paper bag sealing/seaming
Composite film bag sealing
Machine Speed 6 – 14 bags/min (adjustable)
Measurement Accuracy ± 50g
Air Supply 0.5 – 0.7 Mpa
Power 4.0kw 380v ±  10% 50Hz
Machine Package Dimension 4300*3500*3700
Weight 1400kg



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