GW14T16 Multi-head Combination Weigher

GW14T16 Multi-head Combination Weigher

short description:

GW Series Multihead Weigher is suitable for weighing tea, seeds, coffee beans,chocolate beans, raisins ,Hardware and Plastic Particles etc. GW Multihead Weigher is also suitable for weighing large volume products such as potatoes, tomatoes, onions, fruits, vegetable and salad with large target weight.

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The multihead weighers are independent devices, which are normally mounted to the packaging machines and work together with them. The main function of the dosing device is the separating of the product into predefined doses, which are set by the machine operator. The ready doses are then fed to the packaging machines.

Working method of the multihead weighers:

This type of dosing devices can be used for the dosing of any granular products and other products in solid state, including those with irregular geometric shape. Generally, the multihead consists of vibrating channels, which feed the weighing hoppers with product. The hoppers are attached on weighing scales, which perform the measuring of the weight of the product. Unlike the linear weighers, where the set weight of the dose is achieved by the unloading of a single hopper the mulihead achieves the single dose via the unloading of several hoppers simultaneously These types of dosing systems are equipped with a special algorithm which checks the quantity of the product in every single hopper and chooses the optimal combination of hoppers which will unload the product to the packaging machine. This way, a much higher effectiveness and precision of the dosing is achieved. The multihead is the only dosing device that can guarantee high precision when dosing products, where the weight of the single granule/unit is more than 5-6 g.



Appropriate for the dosing of any granulated products in solid state, including products with irregular geometrical shape. The multihead weigher is particularly appropriate for work with products, where the weight of a single piece is more than 5-6 g. Can be used for biscuits, dried fruits, sweets, mini-waffles, frozen products, jellies, pasta, snacks, granola, chips, nuts, crackers, mini-croissants, blanched fries


Main Function & Features:

1. Professional digital weighing module for high precision and good stability.

2. Control system: MCU or PLC (optional).

3. Touch screen interface has different levels of authorized access; up to 16 different languages for choice; application software upgraded through USB.

4. Factory parameters recovery function; 99 preset product parameters to meet different parameter program requirements.

5. Weighing hopper able to discharge in turn to effectively prevent products from blocking.

6. Weighing and counting function to meet diverse needs from customers.

7. Real-ti me display of amplitude of each vibration pan as well as product weight in each hopper to better monitor the running status of the machine.

8. Machine body with SUS304/316 for option; IP65 dust and waterproof design.

9. Cleaning function: able to make the hoppers in opening state for easy daily cleaning and maintenance.

10. Modular design of control system for easy maintenance and cost-saving.

11. Specifically designed for small granular products with high precision and fast working speed.

12. Compact size for space saving.



Construction Stainless steel AISI 304
Productivity 65/120 doses per minute
Drive DC electrical magnets + step motors
Dosing range 10-800g
Control MCU, Touch screen
Accuracy ± 0,1-1g
Installed power 1500W/2000W
Power supply 220V ± 10%
Weight 370/450kg
Supported languages English
Hoppers capacity 1,6L (2,5L optional)
Type of the distributive cone Vibrational or rotary

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