GW-L-3000-4H Four Heads Linear Weigher

GW-L-3000-4H Four Heads Linear Weigher

short description:

Products with irregular shape like different kind of pasta products, snacks, chips etc

Finely-ground products with a low content of dust like sugar, salt, ground herbs, washing powder, hominy, spices, etc


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The linear weighers are independent devices, which are normally mounted to the packaging machines and work together with them. The main function of the dosing device is the separating of the product into predefined doses, which are set by the machine operator. The ready doses are then fed to the packaging machines.
Working method of the linear weighers:

This type of dosing devices is used for the dosing of grains and cut herbs. Generally, the weigher consists of vibrating channels, which feed the weighing hoppers with product. The hoppers are attached on weighing scales, which perform the measuring of the weight of the product. After the measured weight in the hopper reaches the set value, the vibrating channel stops, giving time for the hopper to unload the dose to the packaging machine. More advanced linear weighers have a mixing capability (see video) The linear weighers are very appropriate for the dosing of granulated products where the weight of a single granule/unit of about 2-3 g. If this weight is larger, we suggest the usage of a multihead weigher.



Principal Features:

    • Adopt high precision digital load cell
    • Stable PLC system control
    • Color touch screen with Multilanguage control panel
    • Sanitation with 304# S/S construction
    • The parts contacted products can be easily mounted without tools
    • IP65 grade construction
    • Make mix different products weighing at one discharge
    • Adopt no-grade vibrating feeding system to make products flowing more fluently
    • Program can be freely adjusted according to production condition
    • Can be remote-controlled and maintained through internet

With GAOGEPAK experience in design and manufacture, the linear weigher can be modified to suit different purpose applications.


Hopper Volume
Max. Speed
Weighing accuracy
Touch screen
Control Panel
Shipment Packing Size(mm)
Max Mixing products
Suitable products
Granulated products like coffee beans, pasta, pulses, nuts, cornflakes, chips, frozen vegetables and others

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