GPB8-260 Premade Doypack Packaging Machine

GPB8-260 Premade Doypack Packaging Machine

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Doypack Pouch Machine for premade doypack pouches Machine fully automatic from picking up the bag, filling & sealing it.Suitable for powder such as seasoning, milk  powder, Fine sugar etc.

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Fill and seal custom premade pouches with this single lane automatic pouch packaging machine. With either six or eight stations, this rotary machine can package anything from coffee to snacks to legal cannabis products. Easy integration with volumetric, multi-head scale, auger, liquid pump, and cup fillers, as well as infeed and outfeed conveying equipment, makes this packaging machine a top choice for complete premade pouch packaging solutions.



Incredibly easy to learn and operate
Package anything from liquids, to pet foods, to powders, to legal cannabis products
Easy integration with scales, infeed and outfeed conveying equipment, and more
Rapid sealing
The latest Allen Bradley components and servo drives
Durable stainless construction
Easy to operate and maintain, one person is enough.
Easy conversion with different scales, fillers,pumps.
High profitability can replace at least 7 workers for packaging.
Low energy and maintenance costs, only a few spare parts need to change.
Fast delivery of spare parts, for example, max 3 normal days to reach you
Patented gripper system
maximum precision
flexible pouch type: stand-up pouches with zipper or corner spouts, quad pouches and pouches with customers’ design
Flexible production speed 15-90 pouches/min.
Long work time and lifetime can work 24 hours a day, only one day off for maintenance per month.


Safety Device:

No pouch or open error, on filling.

No pouch or no filling, no sealing.

No coding ribbon, Emergency stop and alarm.

The safety door open, alarm(option)

The air pressure not enough, alarm.

The sealing temperature anomaly, alarm


Technical Parameter



Working Position

Eight-working position

Bag Material

Laminated film/pe/pp

Bag Pattern

Stand-up with zipper & spout, stand-up, flat bag

Max Filling Weight


Filling Accuracy


Bag Size

W:140-260mm L:150-400mm (could be customized)


10-50 bags/min


380V 3Phase 50/60Hz

Total Power


Compressed Air

0.6 m³/min

Detecting Device

No ribbon, alarm and Emergency stop

No pouch or pouch open error, no filling, no sealing

Safety Device

Open the door, alarm & Emergency stop(Optional)

The air pressure not enough, alarm

The sealing temperature anomaly, alarm



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