Automatic Dressings, Oils, and Sauces Vertical Packaging Machine

Automatic Dressings, Oils, and Sauces Vertical Packaging Machine

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The GAOGEPAKis a reliable, consistent packaging machine that can fill dressings, oils, and sauces in a pillow bag from a minimum . The mercury offers, speed and performance in an easy to use automated packaging machine. The small footprint provides flexibility in facility space. This vertical bagger also offers self-centering film drive down system automatic edge guide film tracking, as short travel film unwind system and angled incline film upwind. All contribute to precise film movements and trouble-free operation.

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Vertical sauce pouch packaging machines are designed and optimized for the vertical forming, filling and sealing of pillow bag. It is applicable for packing liquid or paste materials such as mother sauces, Béchamel Suaces, white sauce, Marnay Sauce,  Espagnole Sauce, Hollandaise Sauce, Classic Tomato Sauce, Classic Tomato Sauce,Mayonnaise,Ketchup,Ranch, Sour Cream, Salsa Sauce, Cocktail Sauce, Creme Sauce, Mushroom sauce, Balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressin, Veloute sauce etc.

 GAOGEPAK piston fillers & piston depositors all start with our innovative product pathway that allows GAOGEPAK Horizontal and Incline Series Machines to fill and deposit your products at higher speeds. Our piston fillers provide clean drip free depositing and adds precision in your product lines. We configured our piston fillers to deposit accurate amounts of sauces, stews, batters, meat/sauce mixtures, and pastes every single time. As a result, our piston fillers and depositors deliver the highest product fill accuracy, with the lowest level of product degradation in the industry.

Working Processes :

Feeding–Conveying–Weighting–Forming ( Filling–Sealing ) –Finish Products Conveying


The GVF series of GAOGE vertical packaging machines will be your long-term and reliable partner. You’ll be able to quickly respond to the changing demands and challenges of the market thanks to its versatility, high speed and ability to create more than types of bags.

Commonly used for applications from 50 packages per minute to 100, the GVF series vertical form and seal machine can produce pouches up to 15 inches wide (375mm) and includes a heavy duty welded stainless steel frame that is built to last.



Dual Servo Control  Auto Centering Film Spindle
Stainless Steel Construction PLC Controls
Auto Positioning Belts Color Touch Screen Display
Auto Film Detection Easy to operate and clean

PLC control with stable reliable biaxial high accuracy output and color touch screen, bag-making, measuring, filling, printing, cutting , finished in one operation
Separate circuit boxes for pneumatic control and power control. Noise is low, and the circuit is more stable
Film-pulling with servo motor double belt: less pulling resistance, bag is formed in good shape with better appearance, belt is resistant to be worn-out
External film releasing mechanism: simpler and easier installation of packing film
Adjustment of bag deviation just needed to be controlled by the touch screen. Operation is very simple
Close down type mechanism, defending powder into inside of machine

Additional Info

Model GVF-420 GVF-520 GVF-720
Bag type Pillow type bag; Gusseted bag /Flat bottom bag(Option)
Operation Mode Intermittent
Speed Up to 80 bags/min 20 to 70bags/min
Bag Length(single stroke) 20 to 280mm(0.8 to 11’’) 50 to 340mm(2.0 to 13.4’’) 50 to 460mm(1.9’’ to 18’’)
Bag Width 40 to 200mm(1.6 to 7.9’’) 80 to 260mm(3.1 to 10.3’’) 80 to 350mm(3.1’’ to 13.8’’)
Packing Weight 10g to 1000g 200g to 2000g 500g to 3500g
Reel Film Width ≤420mm (16.5’’) ≤540mm (21.2’’) ≤730mm (28.7’’)
Reel Outer Dia. 400mm (15.7’’) 400mm (15.7’’) 500mm (19.7’’)
Reel Inner Dia. 75mm (2.9’’)
Film thickness 0.04-0.12mm (40-120mic.)
Voltage AC220V/50Hz, 1phase or Per customer specification
Power Consumption 3KW
Compressed Air Requirement 0.6 MPa0.36 M3/min
Machine Weight 600Kg 800Kg 1000Kg

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