Automatic Salt Packing Machine Open-mouth Bag Bagging Machine

Automatic Salt Packing Machine Open-mouth Bag Bagging Machine

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Highly Accurate. Up To 20 Bags/Min. Manual and Automated. Bag Filling Solutions. Agricultural, Food and Industrial Applications.

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Now more and more enterprises and manufacturers are willing to choose automatic packaging machine. Automatic quantitative packaging scale can save labor, greatly improve production and save cost. The high-speed automatic packaging production line is developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing the packaging machine technology at home and abroad. It has a wide range of application, and can automatically package bags of different materials, especially for woven bags without coating film. Automatic packaging machine can realize automatic feeding, automatic bag feeding, bag loading, weighing, bagging, sealing and other operating procedures.




* The automatic packaging machine can pack granular and powder materials into premade open mouth bags automatically, It can realize automatic bag feeding, bag opening, bag loading, products filling, bag sealing and others.

*The packed bag is well sealed, suitable for packing powder and granule, like feed, pet food, seed, rice, salt, fertilizer, etc.

*Friendly human-machine interface (HMI), it can providing complete fault diagnosis and solution, and quick switching of working modes for packing different characteristics materials.

* Controlled by the color touch screen(Siemens), and has real-time online detection function, which is convenient for different users

* Stable and reliable running, convenient maintenance

* Compact design ideal for restricted packaging rooms

* Individual bag pick-up and opening
* Empty bag (with or without gusset) transfer to filling mouth
* Bag hermetic fastening on filling mouth
* Bag filling (product discharge from scale or dozer) and vibrating
* Closing system: Thermo-sealing and/or multiple sewing, fold and glued etc.



Bag Types

Pre-made open mouth bag with gussets, standard pillow bag or block/cross bottom bag, with or without handle.


Bag Materials

Laminated polywoven, paper bags, PP, PE etc.



Technical Data


Model GW-450 GW-550 GW-650
Applicable materials granular(good liquidity)
Weighing range 5 to 50kg (10lb to 110lb)
Bag Matirical Woven bag, kraft paper bag, PE bag
Bag Type One line pocket, M side pocket
Speed 3 to 16 bags/min
Ambient temp  -10°C to +45°C
Electrical 380V/50Hz, 3phase or customized per specification
Power 3KW
Air Pressure & Consumption 0.7Mpa, 0.6 M3/min
Bag size(mm) L630-830mm x W 350-450mm L800-1000 x W450-550mm L 900-1100mm x W 550-650mm
Packing weight(kg) 10-20kg/bag 25-30kg/bag 40-50kg/bag



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