Automatic Robot palletizer for bags

Automatic Robot palletizer for bags

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The robot palletizer is a flexible palletizing system designed to pick bags/bales/bundles from one infeed conveyor and palletize them at two different stacking positions, one on each side of the palletizer.

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Bag palletizers receive bags from a transfer conveyor and can stack up to 25 bags/min. on a pallet.
Extremely flexible and compact systems which ensure the production of stable, squared pallets for every type of bag.
Depending on the system a bag palletizer may include: a bag flatting conveyor, a bag accumulation station, a bag positioning conveyor, a layering conveyor, a robotic bag loader, an empty pallet dispenser, a filled pallet dispenser and a pallet check-weigher. Semi-automated bag palletizers require an operator while fully automated bag palletizers have a robotic stacker.

Palletizing Robots
Palletizing robots from GAOGEPAK can meet virtually any palletizing requirement. Thanks to a wide selection of end effectors, robotic palletizers provide maximum flexibility. Whether you need to handle, cases, bags pails, jugs, drums, or any other type of container, we can provide you with adapted, reliable and highly productive palletizers for small-, medium-, and large-scale production.  With hundreds of palletizing robots sold worldwide, GAOGEPAK has developed unique expertise in the manufacturing of fast and reliable robotic palletizers. Thanks to the high quality of ABB robots and the simplicity of their design, GAOGEPAK palletizing robots are extremely reliable and require very little maintenance.

Alternatively, contact us to receive more information about our product line or fill out our Packaging Solutions Worksheet to inform us of you specific needs. Our packaging systems experts will then find the right equipment for you.


  • Handles various types and sizes of bags, bales and bundles
  • Quick changeover of palletizing patterns through pre-stored recipes
  • User-friendly pallet pattern-editing interface: “Pattern Expert”
  • User-friendly color teach pendant on robot standard operator panel (SOP) for easy troubleshooting and fault detection
  • System comes with three (3) stacking patterns
  • Collision guard software prevents accidental damage to the robot’s bag gripper or to other equipment inside the cell
  • Pallet stoppers accurately position empty pallets
  • Complete safety fences with safety light curtains
  • Fanuc Dual Safety option (DCS)





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