Automatic 5-50KG Animal Feed Pet Feed Granule Packing Machine

Automatic 5-50KG Animal Feed Pet Feed Granule Packing Machine

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Automatic Animal Feed Pet Feed Granule Packing Machine is used for automatic weighing and packing for granule material into big bag from 10kg to 50kg

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Animal Feed Granule Packing Machine
If there’s a “traditional” product in the long and successful history of the GAOGEPAK company, that is certainly animal feed; as a matter of fact, our packaging lines have accompanied the growth and development of this production field in our area first, then in Italy and nowadays in the whole world, improving and upgrading our bagging lines and always keeping quality as our travel companion.

Pellets, mash, bran, granules, flakes, crushed, this product in all its forms is dosed by our belt-fed weighers, Gross/N or Net/N depending on the requested capacity and then bagged through our completely automatic IGF bagging machine, capable of working with paper, woven polypropylene and PE bags ranging from 5 to 50 kg and reaching a capacity up to 1200 bags/hour. With animal feed, the usual closing system will be sewing.



Automatic 5-50KG Animal Feed Pet Feed Granule Packing Machine it is specially suitable for packing 5-25KG granule product such as rice, corn, grain, beans, feeds, sugar, seeds, fertilizer etc into pre-made bag.

The bag material can be paper bag, PE bag, woven bag.




Automatic 5-50KG Animal Feed Pet Feed Granule Packing Machine is used for automatic weighing and packing for granule material into big bag from 10kg to 50kg. Animal feed packing machine made up of material silo, digital weigher, bag supplying unit, filling packing unit, conveying system and sewing system. Developed by our company to solve the problems of less available workers, higher labor cost and unstable manual operating quality for granule material big bag packing requirement. We supply also subsequent checker weight and robot palletizing system.

Unit configuration: material silo, digital weigher, bag supply system, packing system, conveying system and sewing system


Configuration explanation

1 The machine is easy operated and stable because of adopting Siemens PLC and 10 inch color touch screen in control part.

2 Pneumatic part adopts Festo solenoid, oil- water separator, and cylinder.

3 Vacuum system adopts Festo solenoid, filter, and digital vacuum pressure switch.

4 The magnetic switch and photoelectrical switch are provided in every movement mechanism, which is safe and reliable.


Mechanism component

1 Automatic picking-up bag system: Automatically pick up the prepared bag.

2 Opening bag, clamping, holding bag mechanism: Automatically open, hold and fix bag.

3 Hugging bag and conveying mechanism: Hugging bag and conveying bag.

4 Sewing bag: Automatic conveying bag and automatic sewing (sewing bag)

5 Electrical control part: Completely control the whole packaging unit.



Technical Data


Model GW-450 GW-550 GW-650
Applicable materials granular(good liquidity)
Weighing range 5 to 50kg (10lb to 110lb)
Bag Matirical Woven bag, kraft paper bag, PE bag
Bag Type One line pocket, M side pocket
Speed 3 to 16 bags/min
Ambient temp  -10°C to +45°C
Electrical 380V/50Hz, 3phase or customized per specification
Power 3KW
Air Pressure & Consumption 0.7Mpa, 0.6 M3/min
Bag size(mm) L630-830mm x W 350-450mm L800-1000 x W450-550mm L 900-1100mm x W 550-650mm
Packing weight(kg) 10-20kg/bag 25-30kg/bag 40-50kg/bag



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